Chaotic Scene Outside WH During Trump’s Speech as Protesters Chant, Heckle Police, Display Fake Guillotine

During President Trump’s speech at the RNC, protesters outside the White House are heckling police, chanting and bringing props including a fake guillotine.

Julio Rosas shared video of the event.

“Agitators are heckling a black DC police officer outside the White House. One agitator threatened to beat up the DC police officers near the White House.”

“A man was surrounded by a crowd of protesters near the White House, not sure why. A few scuffles broke out and then he was sucker punched in the head and he fell down. He also has some blood on his face.”

“Agitators also chased out a cameraman from the area near the White House. They threatened to beat him up and destroy his camera.”

“A guillotine has been put in front of the fencing near the White House.”

“A man is pretending to shoot a guy dressed like a cop in a pig mask”

“Protesters chant near the White House, “If we don’t get it (justice), burn it down!”