Cesar Milan sounds off on Biden’s dogs, says he offered to help after hearing about biting incident

Famed dog trainer and TV show celebrity Cesara Milan said he reached out to the White House after Biden’s dogs reportedly exhibited aggressive behavior and bit a staffer, leading them to be removed and sent back to the Biden’s Delaware home.

Milan says he reached out after hearing about the incident.

“We are waiting and ready to help,” says Millan, adding “what that incident says to me is that they were not in agreement on how to welcome Major into this new lifestyle.”

“In order for a dog to bite, he either feels the need to protect his territory, or he feels the need to protect his family — or when he’s afraid or he doesn’t trust, he can also bite,” Millan said.

Milan also explained that the dog may also need clearer rules, boundaries and limitations.

“The way [Biden’s dogs] see it, they just appeared from one place to another place one day. And to us, the White House is a very symbolic house in the world, a very powerful house — but in the dog world, it’s just a house where people are not in sync,” Millan further explained.“ So you have to let the dogs adapt in their way.”