Celebs galore fume on Twitter over Trump’s acquittal

Multiple celebrities vented on Twitter over President Trump’s acquittal in this Senate impeachment trial.

Here is just a small sample:

Bette Midler wrote “He got away with murder. Let that sink in.”

She also wrote “But let’s be clear. #Acquittal does not mean that the former president is innocent. HE IS #GUILTYAF. Remember that, and be prepared for it, when they come again every January 6th.”

Rosie wrote “it tells the world our own government doesn’t support the democracy #notGUILTY my fat ass #heartbroken #AMERICA”

Alyssa Milano wrote “It is a sad day in America when only 7 republicans have the patriotism and integrity to convict a tyrant.

Since the senate won’t do its job and convict the traitor Donald Trump, the courts will have to.”

Mark Hamill blasted Senator Mitch McConnell.

Debra Messing replied to a tweet with 17 Republicans up for re-election in 2022 and wrote “Keep this list. We have work to do.”

Mark Ruffalo wrote “a Coward and an fool who deserves his place on the $hit heap of history, Mitch McConnell perfectly describes his performance as the former Senate Majority leader, “disgraceful dereliction of duty”.”

Mia Farrow wrote “GOP Senate disgraced itself today. Sad for our country.”