Celebrities fume and vent over Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynn

While Michael Flynn, his family and conservatives were thankful to President Trump for his pardon, the same could not be said to a slew of liberal Hollywood celebrities, who attacked Trump for the move.

“Wind Beneath My Wings” Performer Bette Midler wrote “The criminal pardons the traitor.”

“Who’s the Boss?” Actress Alyssa Milano asked “You’re not surprised that Trump pardoned Michael Flynn, are you?”

She then added “C’mon. He’s going to pardon all these assholes.”

Filmmaker Rob Reiner wrote “A Criminal pardons another Criminal who committed Federal Crimes to protect the other Criminal from his Federal Crimes.
3:30 PM · Nov 25, 2020”

Actress Patricia Arquette replied to Trump directly with “#RussiaFirst”

Actress Daphne Zuniga wrote “Criminal turkey pardon”

Horror writer Stephen King wrote “The crook pardoned the crook. No surprise there.”

“Selma” Filmmaker Ava Duvernay wrote “You’re a thug and a crook. You’ll never experience true joy, peace and honor in your life. You and your fellow criminals will never be pardoned from the ridicule and disdain of… *checks notes*… the majority of people in this country and around the world.”

“Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill wrote “Pardon THIS:”