CBS Video on How “The Squad” Got Its Name Gets Poor Reviews on YouTube

A “CBS This Morning” segment about how “the Squad” got its name claims President Trump attacked the group with “racist comments.”

The piece has so far not been well received on the official CBS YouTube channel with nearly twice as many thumbs down and thumbs up.

The top comments about “the squad” are also nearly all negative.

Will Ganness writes “Trump is winnng (sic) this one – The Squad is hated by most of america and the Dems are embracing them.”

Eric writes “More concerned with identity politics and camera time than actually getting anything done. These are all young Maxine Waters ‘ who will go a career doing nothing but blow hot air and line their own pockets.”

JT Smith writes “I love these ladies. They keep giving the president and the GOP a gift every time they open their mouths…. leading up to the 2020 election cycle! Keep up the good work ladies!”