CBS slammed for headline saying police killed black man while leaving out he reportedly fired first

WashingtonExaminer reports CBS News drew criticism Wednesday for a headline on a story involving police shooting and killing a black man without mentioning the man allegedly opened fire first.

“Deputies kill half-brother of black man found hanged in park,” a CBS headline posted on Twitter Wednesday read, referring to the death of Terron Jammal Boone.

Boone was the half-brother of Robert Fuller, a black man found hanging in a park on June 10 in what was first believed to be a suicide before the coroner walked back that conclusion.

The tweet doesn’t include the police report that states officers attempted to stop Boone, who was wanted for kidnapping, spousal assault, and assault with a deadly weapon, at which point he jumped out of his vehicle and opened fire on officers before they shot and killed him.

The omission drew the ire of Jason Howerton, director of engagement at the Blaze, who slammed the network and described the post as “pure evil.”

“I want you to look me in the freaking eye and tell me this isn’t pure evil from the media???” Howerton tweeted. “Are the clicks that worth it? You’re willing to pour gasoline on this out of control fire for CLICKS?!”

“This is hardly an isolated incident,” Howerton added. “I’ve seen this same strategy over and over and over again. Evil shit.”

“What didn’t make it into CBS’ headline: ‘Detectives with the sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit were tracking a man who was wanted for kidnapping, spousal assault and assault with a deadly weapon but when they tried to stop his car, he opened the door and began shooting,'” the Daily Caller’s Twitter account posted.