CBP: MS-13 Caught Faking “Family Unit” With 1.5 Yr Old Child to Enter U.S.

Recently, the US Border Patrol announced that it agents had apprehended an MS-13 gang member attempting to cross the US-Mexico border with a 1.5-year-old child who was not related.

Agents claimed that the man attempted to portray himself as the father of the child, who was sick with chickenpox.

The issue is yet another example of so-called “fraudulent family units” attempting to gain entry to the US by falsely claiming to be a family, and has frequently been cited by law enforcement officials as directly enabling child abuse.

Social media commenters reacted with mixed emotions, with many considering the incident a positive thing in light of the rescue of the child.

However, others strongly condemned Democrats, whose opposition to President Trump’s repeated attempts to secure the US-Mexico border have directly enabled the surging numbers of illegal migrants making the dangerous journey.