Cawthorn introduces “No-Fly for Illegals Act” banning federal reimbursement to airlines for transporting illegals

Rep. Cawthorn (R-NC) has introduced a bill banning federal reimbursement to airlines for transporting illegal immigrants.

Cawthorn tweeted “More and more Americans are realizing that they’re paying for illegal aliens to jet around the U.S. What an incredibly useless way to spend taxpayer dollars.”

In a statement Cawthorn said “Illegal immigrants are being flown to, and relocated across, our once secure nation with no regard to our nation’s laws or families safety.”

“I’m deeply troubled by the reports regarding the crisis at our southern border and the dangerous and unlawful immigration policies of the Biden administration,” he continued. “Under President Trump, we saw a secure border. Under President Biden, we see no border at all. I refuse to watch illegal aliens be unlawfully flown and relocated to our beautiful states on the taxpayer’s dollar.”

“This is why I introduced the No-Fly for Illegals Act,” he added.