Carville Rips Bernie for Calling Him a “Political Hack” Says “At Least I’m Not a Communist”

2020 Democrat frontrunner Bernie Sanders and Clinton strategist James Carville have continued escalating their war of words.

It started when Carville expressed deep concern with the Democrat party having Bernie at the top of the ticket.

Carville went so far to call it the “end of day” if Bernie is the Democrat nominee.

Bernie responded by calling Carville a “political hack.”


Surprisingly Carville embraced the insult before firing back, telling journalist Peter Hamby:

Last night on CNN, Bernie called me a political hack. That’s exactly who the fuck I am! I am a political hack! I am not an ideologue. I am not a purist. He thinks it’s a pejorative. I kinda like it! At least I’m not a communist.”

Grab the popcorn folks, the fight for Democrat party nominee is getting uglier and crazier.

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