Carville predicts Biden landslide with result called by 10:30pm election night

Appearing on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour” former Clinton strategist predicted a landslide for Biden and a result on election night with no uncertainty or delay.

Carville said “this thing is not going to be close” and specifically predicted by 10:30pm EST the election would be called.

“Not only are we going to know election night, we’re going to know at 10:30 Eastern,” said the Democrat party strategist.

“This thing is not going to be close. We’re going to know early. I’m not in any panic whatsoever. I mean, I’m just on edge because the stakes are so high. But I feel very good about where the Democrats are. And I’ll probably see as much polling as anybody in the country. And if anything, it continues to improve. I kind of thought the natural gravity would take it down, but that doesn’t seem to be happening as of yet. And we’ve got three weeks before we go to post.”

He added “I’m ready to go. I think we’re going to know, and I anticipate opening a bottle of champagne. Brian, maybe I’ll share it with you by distance.”