Carville blames Trump for lawlessness, says the White House has set a “terrible example for young people”

Appearing on MSNBC with Ari Melber, Democrat strategist James Carville blamed Trump for lawlessness, suggesting he has set a bad example.

“You cannot have order without law.” Carville told Melber “When the White House chief of staff says no one 10 miles outside of Washington cares about the Hatch Act, that is an attack on the law. You’re a lawyer. You don’t get to pick and choose which laws you follow. You really don’t.”

The former strategist for Bill Clinton continued “If the White House says we don’t have to follow the law, then some of these people who are appropriately angry and frustrated said, why do you want me to follow the law? Just as a terrible example for everybody, a terrible example for young people.”

He added “And you can talk all you want about the order, but there is no, you have lawlessness like we have, it isn’t any good. I think the public understands that better than we give them credit for. And I think that’s why you see in the polling numbers you see. I think we diminish maybe under-appreciated where the American public is now. I think they’re as tired of this. I really do.”

Carville later expressed confidence Joe Biden would defeat President Trump saying “I do feel confident the United States is dissatisfied with the current state of American politics. And I feel very confident that they’re anxious to make a change, and I think they will. I really do.”