Carl Bernstein Calls Trump “A Danger to National Security” and “Worse than Watergate”

CNN regular and veteran reporter Carl Bernstein believes the Trump presidency is “worse than watergate,” a story he helped break 40 years ago.

More recently, Monday morning Bernstein called Trump “a danger to national security” and “increasingly unstable”

Per CBSNews, President Trump didn’t let intense Republican criticism of his decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria rattle him Monday, insisting he made the right call in deciding to leave the unstable region to Turkey and other actors.

Experts and the president’s own allies like Senator Lindsey Graham fear the decision to withdraw from the region will endanger Kurdish allies there, with Turkey threatening to overwhelm them. Mr. Trump, asked why he’s siding with authoritarian Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over Kurdish allies, insisted he’s not siding with anyone and is adhering to his campaign promise of “America first.”

“I’m not siding with anybody. We’ve been in Syria for many years. You know, Syria was supposed to be a short-term hit,” the president said in the Roosevelt Room, where he signed two trade agreements with Japan.

The Hill reports veteran reporter Carl Bernstein is calling President Trump “a danger to national security” and “increasingly unstable” as House Democrats advance their impeachment inquiry against the president.

The former Washington Post reporter and current CNN political analyst made the remarks Monday evening while discussing an unnamed intelligence official who is reportedly weighing whether or not to file a complaint regarding Trump’s contacts with Ukraine’s president regarding former Vice President and potential 2020 opponent Joe Biden.

“Well, I think it’s going to be both dramatic, and he is going to have apparently firsthand knowledge of what transpired here. I think that what all of this becomes more and more is considerable evidence building that we have a fundamentally corrupt president who is a danger to national security, has undermined our democratic system, and is increasingly unstable,” he said.

“I know that many Republicans are looking at this and are aware of a good part of that equation if not all of that. Whether they will ever say it aloud is something else. And I think there are people in the White House who recognize that,” continued Bernstein, 75. ”There are Republicans who are aware of all of the things that I just said on an evidentiary level. And that’s where we’re heading in a kind of really unprecedented crisis when you put all those elements together.”

Trump is the focus of an impeachment inquiry over allegations that he withheld military aid to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden, who during the Obama administration pressed for the firing of a Ukraine prosecutor who had drawn the ire of the U.S. government and its allies in the West.

Bernstein has been highly critical of Trump since he took office in 2017, often declaring on CNN that the Trump presidency is “worse than Watergate,” a story he helped break with Bob Woodward more than 40 years ago.

“I think it’s time to recognize that what we are watching in the Trump presidency is worse than Watergate,” Bernstein told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in August 2018. “It’s worse than Watergate, as I say, because the system worked in Watergate.”

Trump has fired back at Bernstein, calling him “sloppy” and “a degenerate fool” on Twitter.

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