Caretaker says Prince Andrew “was regular visitor” to Epstein’s Paris home

According to a new report from Knewz, a caretaker is claiming that disgraced Prince Andrew “was a regular visitor” to sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s Paris, France home.

Per Knewz “the unnamed whistleblower was a caretaker to the $10 million home in Paris where, in addition to his mansions in Palm Beach and New York, Epstein is said to have orchestrated a toxic campaign of sexual predation, with Prince Andrew as an allegedly willing participant.”

The report adds “Prince Andrew, who is not known to be under an actual criminal investigation himself, has stonewalled US federal investigators in their attempts to interview him about his long fraternization with Epstein. With the recent arrest of Brunel, investigators in Paris are also believed to have their eye on the duke. ”

Town & Country senior editor Caroline Hallemann said “the situation continues with Prince Andrew, he continues to be a blight on everything that the royals do, especially as the Ghislaine Maxwell trial begins next year.”

She added “I think that will continue to be an unavoidable topic for the royals and it will continue to bubble up.”