Cardi B. shares video of Trump supporters walking outside says “I really feel like we’re going to get jumped”

Rapper Cardi B. shared a video while she was in her vehicle and near a Trump rally of some sort.

Cardi B. shot the Trump supporters walking outside and said “I’m scared now we’re gonna get jumped. I really feel like we gonna get jumped.”

She continued with a panicked tone in her voice “Oh my goood…ahhhhhh….Trump supporters are everywhere. I’m scared. I don’t like it with their big ass trucks.”

Later, during the same Instagram Live video, Cardi B’s husband Offset was detained and it was captured on video. Police had received a call complaining of a vehicle with someone pointing a gun at them.

Offset was released, but a person he was with was arrested on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and a loaded firearm.

According to Phillip Lewis “Beverly Hills police just sent me this statement: Cardi B’s cousin, Marcelo Almanzar, was arrested for possession of a concealed loaded weapon. Offset was detained and then released”