Candace Owens raises over $200k for cop fired after having donated to Rittenhouse fund

Candace Owens has raised over $200k for Police Lt. William Kelly, who was fired for having donated to a Kyle Rittenhouse fund.

“I am so grateful for our police officers,” Owens said. “I can’t even imagine especially in today’s political climate knowing that you’re fighting for justice and you have an entire ecosystem of horrible people that are constantly fighting against you, fighting to defund you, telling you you’re not allowed to exist unless you side with narratives that are actually lies. So this just makes me so happy.”

“Thank you so much,” she told Owens directly.

Per Fox News “Kelly, 42, said he donated to a GiveSendGo account to benefit Rittenhouse, now 18, at the end of summer 2020. He registered an account using his official police department email, but said his donation was anonymous.

A message included with the donation stated: “God Bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong. Every rank-and-file police officer supports you. Don’t be discouraged by actions of the political class of law enforcement leadership.”