Candace Owens Disinvited from Podcast for Tweeting “Only Women Can Give Birth”

Conservative Candace Owens announced via Twitter that she was disinvited from a podcast with “Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil after she tweeted something that made Jami’s employees feel “unsafe.”

The line that Owens said made Jamil’s employees feel unsafe was “only women can give birth.”

Candace Owens wrote:

SAD TO ANNOUNCE that @jameelajamil has revoked my invitation to her podcast bc I tweeted “only women can give birth”. Apparently the statement made her trans co-workers feel “unsafe”.

My refusal to untether myself from biological realities has cost me, yet again.


Owens took the revoked invitation in stride, and followed up by jokingly tweeting to Dave Rubin:

Hey @RubinReport, just wanted to let you know that under no circumstances can you give birth.

…Am I still allowed to come on your podcast later this year or has this statement made you feel unsafe?

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