Candace Owens calls for “Critical Race Theory” to be banned at “every level”

Sunday, Candace Owens tweeted “if you’re looking for institutional racism, it exists within Critical Race Theory.”

“Ban it. At every level. It is the new Jim Crow,” she added.

Idaho’s State Senate recently passed a bill that bans the teaching of “Critical Race Theory.”

Republican Senator Carl Crabtree and said “this bill does not intend to prohibit discussion in an open and free way. It is a preventative measure. It does not indicate that we have a rampant problem in Idaho. But we don’t want to get one.”

In March, Senator Tom Cotton has introduced a bill banning far-left “critical race theory” books from the Military.

Cotton said while appearing on Fox News “critical race theory teaches that race is a person’s most important characteristic, and that America is an evil, oppressive place. That idea may be fashionable in left-wing circles and college classrooms, but it has no place in our military. Not only will such racist ideas undermine our troops’ faith in each other, they’ll also erode their trust in our country’s guiding principles. The United States military shouldn’t be promoting such divisive, un-American ideas.”