Candace Owens blasts VP Harris after report claims migrant children are being given a copy of her book


The allegation Candace Owens was criticizing VP Harris for has been debunked as false.

From the NY Times:

New York Post Reporter Who Wrote False Kamala Harris Story Resigns

The article splashed across the cover of Saturday’s New York Post seemed designed to enrage Republicans who railed against the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

Under the tabloid-ready headline “KAM ON IN,” The Post, which is controlled by conservative media baron Rupert Murdoch, claimed that copies of a children’s book written by Vice President Kamala Harris were provided at taxpayer expense in a “welcome kit” for unaccompanied migrant children at a shelter in Long Beach, California.

The story whipped around conservative media and elicited denunciations from leading Republicans, including the party chairwoman. A reporter for the Murdoch-owned Fox News, which published its own online article about the claims, asked about it at a televised White House press briefing.

But the claims were untrue. And on Tuesday, the Post reporter who wrote the original article said she had resigned from the paper because of “an incorrect story I was ordered to write,” describing the episode as “my breaking point.”

The original article below:

Candace Owens blasted Vice President Kamala Harris in response to a report from the NY Post that claims “Unaccompanied migrant children brought to a shelter in Long Beach, CA will each be given a copy of Kamala Harris’ children’s book “Superheros are Everywhere” as a welcome gift”

According to Breaking911 “The books are being paid for by the Biden administration, using U.S. taxpayer dollars.”

Candace Owens tweeted:

Imagine if President Donald Trump used taxpayer money to buy his own books to give out to foreigners.

That is exactly what Kamala Harris is doing.

Her and Biden are crooks, but we already knew that. Lying, stealing and cheating is how they made it to where they are.