Candace Owens blasts Cardi B. during fierce Twitter feud, says “What you did at the Grammy’s was disgusting. Own it”

Candace Owens and Cardi B. are getting into yet another fierce Twitter feud.

It began when Cardi B. tweeted:

Matter fact I’m just going to thank Candy. She put my performance on Fox News giving it more views that boosted the views on YouTube and is counting towards my streams and sales 😜 STREAM UP AND WAP .REMEMBER GROWN PARENTS ONLY YOU CAN MONITOR WHAT YOUR KIDS WATCH NO1 ELSE.

Candace replied:

I don’t work for Fox News, Belcalis, nor do I take issue with you having success. I take issue with you being used to encourage young women to strip themselves of dignity. Men typically treat women how they treat themselves. You know that.

Cardi B. fired back:

No! Candy, men treat women on how a woman allows a man to treat them.I mean look at Melania she was a porn star however she didn’t allowed Trump to treat her as so or shame her for her passed and made her into a First Lady & the mother of his child

(Cardi B. attached a nude photo of Melania Trump)

Candace Owens replied:

What is your obsession with the Trump family? You are digging up modeling shots from our former First Lady from 3 decades ago. She has evolved, you have not. What you did at the Grammy’s was disgusting. Own it.