Candace Owens blasts California bill requiring “gender neutral” sections in retail stores

Candace Owens is blasting a new California bill proposing retails stores have devote floor space to items marketed to gender neutral items for both girls and boys.

According to Politico “stores would be able to sell the same products they do now as long as they maintain some areas where shoppers can find all toys or clothes, regardless of gender-based marketing under CA AB2826 (19R)”

Low said in an interview Friday “this is an issue of children being able to express themselves without bias.”

Owens tweeted Saturday:

California has proposed a bill to ban boys and girls sections in toy and clothing stores to create a “safe space” for children.

They want to fine retailers 1,000$ for using the words “boy” and girl”

I cannot put into words how positively despicable Democrat politicians are.

One Twitter user replied “How would these even be possible to execute? Barbie is barbie, transformers are transformers. People by what they want. Stores are arranged so you can find what you’re looking for. Maybe the should put motor oil in the frozen seafood section?”