Calls for Fauci to be Fired grow after revelations from his FOIA release of emails

Calls for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired are growing among conservatives after the release of his emails from a FOIA act request.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Green tweeted “Fauci’s leaked emails are shocking to say the least. He needs to be FIRED!

I introduced a bill to do just that … HR 2316, the “Fire Fauci Act”.”

Senator Rand Paul tweeted “Told you…#firefauci”

Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted “We’ve been needing to #FireFauci for months now, but after these #FauciEmails we simply cannot wait another day. How many lives could have been saved if these people were worried about science rather than PR?”

Rep. Greene also tweeted:

This officially disqualifies those mask fines several of us have for not wearing a mask on the House floor that Speaker Maskhole is trying to take out of our salary.

The highest paid employee of the Federal Gov and Covid expert says masks don’t work!


“No surprise here! #FireFauci”

was right. #FireFauci”

In the newly released #FauciEmails, Dr. Fauci thanked EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak for his “kind note” that praised him for downplaying the lab leak theory. EcoHealth Alliance was funded under the NIH to experiment with coronaviruses at the Wuhan lab. #FireFauci