Calls for Biden and Harris to resign or face impeachment grow as crisis in Afghanistan turns deadly

In wake of chaos in Afghanistan and at least 12 U.S. service members dead, TN Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted “Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Antony Blinken, Lloyd Austin and General Milley should all resign or face impeachment and removal from office.”

Josh Hawley wrote “To say that today’s loss of American lives in Kabul is sickening does not begin to do justice to what has happened. It is enraging. And Joe Biden is responsible. It is now clear beyond all doubt that he has neither the capacity nor the will to lead. He must resign”

Sean Parnell “Joe Biden has lost the moral authority to lead our nation. Americans are now dead because of his incompetence. It didn’t have to be this way. He should resign as Commander in Chief.”

“Biden must resign now.”

Kassy Dillon wrote “I don’t want to hear anything from Joe Biden besides “I resign.” Every time he opens his mouth he lies about the situation on the ground and makes it worse.”