California teacher who told students to pledge allegiance to the Gay Pride flag under investigation by school district

Kristin Pitzen of Newport Mesa School District , a California teacher is reportedly under investigation from the district after her video went viral where she said she encouraged her students to pledge allegiance to a gay pride flag and also boasted she removed the American flag from her classroom.

“Okay, so during third period, we have announcements and they do the pledge of allegiance,”  Pitzen said.  “I always tell my class, stand if you feel like it, don’t stand if you feel like it, say the words if you want, you don’t have to say the words So, my class decided to stand but not say the words. Totally fine.”

“Except for the fact that my room does not have a flag,” she continued. “because it made me uncomfortable,” she adds. “In the meantime, I tell this kid, ‘We do have a flag in the class that you can pledge your allegiance to…. and he like, looks around and goes, ‘Oh, that one?'” and points to the pride flag.”