California Taxpayers on the Hook for $21 Million for State’s 60+ Anti-Trump Lawsuits

While California suffers from a growing homeless crisis and out of control wildfires, California Attorney General continues to file state lawsuits against President Trump.

The result? California taxpayers will have no choice but to foot the bill for over $21 million for over 60 lawsuits.

Becerra told Fox40  “The fact is, I don’t wake up in the morning planning to pick a fight with the administration. We file lawsuits to stop the Trump administration from breaking the law and taking actions which would hurt Californians.”

Fox40 reports during President Donald Trump’s nearly three years in office, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has filed more than five dozen lawsuits at a cost of more than 21 million in taxpayer dollars.

While the cost may look extremely high, Becerra’s office says the legal battle with the Trump administration has never gone above 1% of the Department of Justice’s budget each year.

Those who support Beccera’s efforts believe this is what Californians want.

“He is the attorney general for the state of California. He’s protecting our values,” Democratic political consultant Ed Emerson said. “Separating children from their families, detaining them for unlimited amounts of time and keeping them in cages. This is not who we are and California has to step in. We have to lean into this and fight this fight for the whole country.”

But Republican strategist Tim Rosales says Becerra’s legal fight with the president is more about the political spotlight and less about policy pushback.

“He’s got bigger aspirations. Certainly, attorney general is not his last stop. So, this is politics. It’s what you would expect,” Rosales said.


Political party aside, there is strong opposition to using taxpayer money for political gain.

“I do believe that in many of these lawsuits, our attorney general is wasting the taxpayer dollars,” Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, told FOX40. “If the state of California has a legitimate complaint against the federal government, they should exert their rights as a sovereign state. But that’s not what we’re seeing here right now.”

Coupal feels a majority of the suits filed by the California AG are frivolous and if even if it is a small portion of the budget, he says there’s a better use for that money.

“Look, these dollars that are being expended by the Justice Department could be spent on all other things like actually catching criminals,” Coupal said. “And it’s my guess that as these cases wind their way up through the courts, is that California will be on the losing end of the vast majority of them.”

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