California drops new “social justice” math curriculum after major backlash

According to a new report from the Washington Examiner ‘the California Board of Education will not implement its newly proposed mathematics curriculum after critics argued in an open letter racial equality components would “de-mathematize math.”’

‘The framework for the controversial curriculum reportedly argues that “mathematics, over the years, has developed in a way that has excluded many students.” The different capacities of students have also been set back by several social or political factors,” the report explains.

Dr. Williamson M. Evers, a senior fellow at the Independent Institute said in a statement blasting the plan “California is on the verge of politicizing K-12 math in a potentially disastrous way. This postponement means the State Board of Education has heard the message loud and clear.”

“STEM leaders don’t want California students left behind by introducing politics into the math curriculum,” he continued.

“This proposed framework will discourage districts from having advanced classes for gifted students. It’s going to block the rise of talented kids to important roles in society, serving us as engineers, getting rockets in the air and getting bridges built properly,” he added.

“For all the rhetoric in this framework about equity, social justice, environmental care, and culturally appropriate pedagogy, there is no realistic hope for a more fair, just, equal and well-stewarded society if our schools uproot long-proven, reliable, and highly effective math methods and instead try to build a mathless Brave New World on a foundation of unsound ideology,” Evers argues.

The full Open Letter: