California Beauty Professionals join restaurants in suing Newsom

According to a new report from WWD “the Professional Beauty Federation of California, a nonprofit created in 1999 and representing more than 620,000 licensed beauty professionals and 53,000 barbers in the state, is suing Gov. Gavin Newsom, the association said today.”

The report adds “the organization has teamed with a group of California-based restaurants that unified to file a lawsuit days before Christmas, explained Fred Jones, the group’s lobbyist and legal counsel. Just like restaurants, which are restricted to takeout only, beauty and barber establishments with COVID-19 safety measures in place are looking to reopen immediately and permanently, as well as receive financial relief. Businesses are accumulating debt, and many are closing their doors for good.”

Fred Jones told WWD “Some Los Angeles-area restaurants retained [lead counsel and L.A.-based attorney] Mark Geragos…to file suit. Then in speaking with Mark, because I’ve known him for a long time, he decided, ‘Hey, some of the arguments that salons have are even stronger and given the fact that salons and restaurants are taking the brunt of this, why don’t we combine forces.’ So yesterday, he amended his existing lawsuit that was filed right before Christmas to include our industry, hair, skin and nails.”

Newsom is being sued by over 50 Northern California bay area restaurants and wineries over his states in-person dining ban.

Tomás Aragón, director of the California Public Health Department, is also named in the lawsuit.

The Wine Country Coalition for Safe Reopening filed the suit Tuesday and per KTLA ” alleges that the governor and the state public health department have not provided scientific evidence showing that outdoor dining is more dangerous than other permitted activities, such as shopping in indoor malls and working on film sets.”

The report adds “citing uneven application of the restrictions, the group claims the state is violating equal protection laws afforded by the California Constitution, among other violations.”

The lawsuit is just one of many problems Newsom is facing from disgruntled Californians not happy with his leadership.

More than 1.1 million have signed a petition calling for Newsom to be recalled as Governor of California.