Investigators Find West Point Cadets We’re Playing “Circle Game” Not Flashing White Power Sign

An internal investigation has cleared members of military academies who were accused of flashing “White Power”signs by multiple reporters and media outlets. reports investigators at the U.S. Naval and Military academies said cadets and midshipmen who flashed hand gestures at a recent football game were playing “the circle game,” not trying to convey a message of white supremacy.

The incident, which gained national attention, involved three Military Academy cadets and two Naval Academy midshipmen. They made the “OK” sign with their fingers while standing behind an ESPN reporter before the annual Army-Navy football game Dec. 14.

An investigating officer at the Military Academy reported the men “were playing the ‘circle game,’ an internationally recognized game in which people attempt to trick someone else into looking at an okay-like hand gesture below the waist.”

Per BizPacReview, Fox News’ Jesse Watters clashed with his co-host Juan Williams over his criticism of cadets for being racist.

The co-hosts of “The Five” got into a testy exchange Friday as Watters demanded Williams apologize for accusing West Point cadets of racism after some were caught on camera flashing the “okay” symbol at last week’s Army-Navy football game.

“Let me tell you something, Juan,” Watters shot back.

“If all of a sudden a dozen white supremacists started wearing a blue tie and the next day I wore a blue tie, am I flashing a white supremacist signal?” he asked. “No, that’s ridiculous!”


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