Buzz Aldrin supports Republican McSally over fellow astronaut Kelly in AZ Senate Race

In a tweet using flight lingo, legendary U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin appeared to support Republican Arizona Senator Martha McSally over her Democrat opponent.

“Martha, check six – Mark? Buzz – over 100 jet hours in Arizona,” Aldrin wrote “12 o’clock is straight ahead. 6 o’clock is behind. Fighter pilots understand what ‘check six’ means in FTR lingo talk. Martha, wave as you move ahead past Mark, to 12 o’clock, and you win for Arizona!”

McSally responded by tweeting “Absolute honor to have the support of hero astronaut Buzz Aldrin in this mission! We must hold this seat, the Senate, and save the country. It’s a dog fight, and as we fighter pilots say: Fight’s On!”