Buttigieg mocked after claiming Biden has achieved more in 1 year than most presidencies in their entire terms

During a recent appearance, Pete Buttigieg defended President Biden’s record by making the claim “in one year, this president was able to achieve things that would define the entire term of most American presidencies.”

Buttigieg’s coast comes amid Biden having dismal approval ratings, a widely criticized handling of Afghanistan leading to a Taliban takeover, a failure to pass his “Build Back Better” plan and rocketing inflation.

Many responding to the tweet mocked Buttigieg’s thesis.

“Yes, President Biden has managed to set 40 year inflation records, exasperate shortages, and help destabilize both the ME and Europe.”

“There’s truth in this remark if you’re referring to destruction and not accomplishments”

“Why is the @thehill even acknowledging this

You’ve got to be kidding, on so many levels”