Bubba wrecks out of Talladega after boasting “this should piss the haters off” while holding a lead

Bubba Wallace wrecked out of Talladega after holding a lead with 8 laps to go in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series and reportedly telling his team over the radio “well, this should piss the haters off.”

With six laps left, Wallace ran his vehicle right into the wall.

Wallace then wrecked a second time, ending his race prospects.

NASCAR tweeted another angle and wrote “It’s a game of inches at @TalladegaSuperS.”

One Twitter user wrote “I’m a bubba fan but that one was all on him”

Bubba Wallace wrote:

We came

We tried

We failed

But damn it was a good day for our team!

Fun leading some laps and learning a ton.

Onto roval


On the same day, Wallace referenced back to his “noose” controversy, retweeting Justin Kirkland.

Kirkland wrote “No matter the size of this rope, garage pull, the noose that it was fashioned into…it’s still a fuckin’ noose at the end of the day, you know?”

@BubbaWallace and I spoke about the past year and what’s to come for NASCAR.”