Broadway Star Tells Lindsay Graham to “Come Out,” Backfires Fast

On Thursday, Broadway actress Patti LuPone took to social media to bluntly accuse Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of being a closeted homosexual, echoing remarks made by several other far-left celebrities and politicians.

After calling Senator Graham “a disgrace,” LuPone added, “On a personal note, why don’t you just bite the bullet and come out?”

LuPone’s homophobic slur against Graham placed her in league with others such as Ron Perlman, Chelsea Handler, Peter Fonda, Chris Evans, and Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar, all of whom have made similar remarks.

LuPone’s comments drew bipartisan criticism, with both liberals and conservatives flocking to social media to denounce her use of homophobic slurs and her attempt to “shame” Graham over his alleged sexuality.