Broadway actress attacks Tom Brady for friendship with Trump, calls Kaepernick “one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation”

“Hamilton” Broadway actress invited controversy by attacking legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who will be going to his 10th Super Bowl and calling Colin Kaepernick “one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation”

As we approach another Tom Brady Super Bowl, let’s remember he’s friends with Trump&has endorsed Republicans and their policies, while one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation, Colin Kaepernick, had his career derailed for kneeling during the National Anthem. #hypocrisy

Tony Bruno replied “Brady is going to his 10th SuperBowl, yet slug @Kaepernick has managed to make millions by sitting at home as a failed NFL player who couldn’t hold Brady’s jock strap!”

Another replied “Tom Brady doesn’t bring his politics to the football field. Please get a clue….Colin could only hope and pray to be half the man and player Tom Brady is….Colin got benched because he couldn’t cut it any longer….too busy being woke.”

Another Twitter user replied “Let’s remember that Tom Brady kept his politics OUT of football, and who he’s friends with doesn’t matter worth a shit. Kaepernick decided to use game time the public had to PAY to see as a chance to be a political activist.”

Pollino later clarified:

Since I have a bunch of lunatics attacking me- let me clarify- my point is that Kaepernick was cancelled immediately for a demonstration of peaceful protest while a straight white man (I’ll give it to him that he’s got talent) has gotten off scratch free his whole career.

She added later “How do I get involved with sports journaling/reporting/social media? Honestly feeling inspired that I ruffled feathers. Let’s gooooo!!!”