Brennan says “Trump acted as a lawless thug” and “only dishonest & self-serving Senators will vote to acquit”

Wednesday, former Obama-era CIA director John Brennan tweeted “House impeachment managers providing compelling evidence that Donald Trump provoked, encouraged, & abetted the deadly insurrection at the Capitol.”

“Trump acted as a lawless thug,” he continued “inciting his fellow lawless thugs.”

“Only dishonest & self-serving Senators will vote to acquit,” Brennan added.

Brennan blasted Senator Lindsey Graham Thursday, writing:

These are the words of a man with no conscience, no integrity, & no interest in doing the right thing.

Lindsey Graham & other Senators who hold this view are unworthy of public trust.

History will judge them as it should—political cowards who betrayed their oath of office.

He added later in the day:

A military officer making an unlawful & seditious call for insurrection to overturn the outcome of a presidential election would be courtmartialed, even if retired. The Senate has the duty to hold a Commander-in-Chief similarly accountable.

Donald Trump is guilty as charged.