John Brennan Attacked on Twitter After Admitting “Mistake” in Latest MSNBC Appearance

Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan took heat on social media after admitting something he said on MSNBC was completely wrong on Twitter.

Brennan wrote:

On MSNBC tonight, I mistakenly said Trump wrote note, released by House yesterday, saying “get Zelensky to announce Biden investigation.” It was written by Les Parnas, who told Rachel Maddow today in explosive interview everything he did was known & directed by Giuliani & Trump.

*Lev Parnas / not Les

Trump supporters did not let Brennan off the hook that easily.

Tim Young replied “So you lied… how’s that different than normal?”

“Not much different”

Memory loss got your tongue, John?

Last October, Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept brutally mocked Brennan with this tweet.

Seems Brennan is still stirring controversy as always.


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