BREAKING: Virginia Dems Pass Bill to Give Driving Privilege Cards to Illegals

Virginia Democrats have passed a bill allowing for cards that illegal aliens can obtain that allow then to legally drive.

John March, Virginia GOP spokesperson commented “Instead of working on behalf of their constituents, Democrats chose to work on behalf of illegal immigrants.”

DailyCaller reports while the Virginia General Assembly stopped short of passing legislation that gave full-fledged driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, lawmakers did advance a bill that would grant them driving privilege cards.

The Democratic-controlled Virginia General Assembly went into overtime over the weekend, passing a flurry of progressive bills before the 2020 session came to an official end Sunday. Among the legislation voted on by lawmakers was a proposal to allow illegal aliens in the state obtain driving privilege cards.

Lawmakers in the House of Delegates and the state Senate considered two different proposals earlier in 2020.

The lower chamber produced and passed a more liberal bill that would provide the state’s undocumented population with driver’s licenses, while the Senate introduced and passed the more moderate bill granting them driving privilege cards.

Ultimately, the state Senate version proved more palatable for both chambers.

Virginia lawmakers on Saturday passed SB 34, which was introduced by Democratic state Sen. Scott Surovell.

Unlike driver’s licenses that are valid for years at a time, driving privilege cards must be renewed on an annual basis, and the cards would explicitly state that they can’t be used for voting or obtaining federal benefits. Additionally, individuals who wish to obtain these privilege cards are required to file a tax return or be listed as a dependent.

Passage of the bill is a reflection of the state’s newly-minted Democratic majority. For the first time in a generation, the Democratic Party has full control of the Virginia General Assembly, and legislation passed this session certainly reflects that new majority.

Before session ended over the weekend, Virginia Democrats also passed major gun control proposals regarding background checks on gun sales, greater collective bargaining rights for unions, a bill allowing localities to remove Confederate statues, and other liberal legislation.