BREAKING: Viral Video of “Bloomberg Supporters” Dancing Turns Out to be a Comedy Sketch

A viral video of supposed Bloomberg supporters dancing in unison has turned out to be a comedy sketch.

Ciarelli, a comedian, took the joke far, changing his Twitter bio to “Communications intern @Mike2020 @BostonCollege grad. Lover of all things pizza,” and adding a Bloomberg 2020 header to his background.

Team Bloomberg played along for a while, tweeting:

To clarify, @NickCiarelli is not an intern for our campaign. And he does not have moves like Bloomberg.

Nick, apply to work for us here: 

The prank was a parody of a (real) viral dance by Pete Buttigieg supporters.

The Buttigieg supporters dance has been widely mocked on social media.

Per BuzzfeedNews, Ciarelli is actually a comedian with the group Upright Citizens Brigade. Per the UCB website, he and his writing partner Brad Evans host a monthly sketch comedy show — the most recent of which was Thursday night.

Comedian and Desus & Mero writer Ziwe Fumudoh confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the video was filmed Thursday night at the comedy show. Fumudoh was in the show and documented the recording in her Instagram story.

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