BREAKING VIDEOS: Riot Declared in Seattle, 16 Arrested, Starbucks Broken Into

The Seattle police department has declared a riot.


SEATTLE: Starbucks destroyed by rioters then set on fire at riots in solidarity w/ Portland riots against federal agents

Antifa wrecked a Starbucks in Seattle during an anti-ICE “protest.”

Per the Seattle Police Department:

Individuals spray painting on East Precinct at 12th and Pine and attempting to disable cameras and damage fence perimeter around building.

Due to the ongoing damage and public safety risks associated with this incident, SPD is declaring it a riot.

Police have issued dispersal orders and deployed less-lethal munitions to clear the area. Crowd is now moving west on Pine Street.

Officers investigating a possible explosive damage to walls of the East Precinct. Also reportedly some sort of explosives being thrown or fired at officers.

Crowd continuing to throw large rocks, bottles, fireworks and other explosives at officers.

Update: 16 arrests for assault on officers, obstruction and failure to disperse.

King5 reports

Saturday, July 25:

5:52 p.m. 16 arrested, several officers injured during ‘riot’ on Capitol Hill

Seattle police say at least 16 people have been arrested on Capitol Hill during what they’re calling a “riot” for assaults on officers, obstruction and failure to disperse.

Police also say at least three officers were injured. One officer was taken to the hospital with a leg injury caused by an explosive device thrown at officers, and two other officers were injured and treated at the scene.

What started as a peaceful protest Saturday afternoon has erupted into violence as of this evening.

Police say individuals in the crowd continue to throw rocks, bottles and other items at officers. Police continue to issue orders for the crowd to disperse and deploy flashbangs into the crowd.

5:22 p.m. Multiple businesses damaged during protests on Capitol Hill

Multiple businesses have been damaged in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. A group targeted the Starbucks on 12th Avenue and E Columbia Street.

Nearly all the windows at the Starbucks were broken out and the walls inside and out were spray-painted with graffiti.

Police have declared the protest a “riot” amid ongoing damage.

4:45 p.m. Seattle police declare protest a ‘riot’ amid ongoing damage

Seattle police tweeted individuals are spray painting the East Precinct and damaging the fence perimeter on Capitol Hill. A small fire was also set inside the East Precinct lobby, according to police.

Amid the ongoing damage, police have declared the protest a “riot.”

Police are continuing to use crowd control tactics, like flashbangs to get the crowd to disperse. Police tweeted that multiple arrests have been made.