BREAKING VIDEO: Warren Claims Crisis at the Border is “Man-Made” by Trump

Moments ago, 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren claimed the crisis at the border is “man-made” by President Trump

Elizabeth Warren:

We need to stop this man-made crisis at the border. Trump is the one who has created this crisis. 

Jon Miller mocked Warren on Twitter, tweeting:

Liz Warren calls the border crisis manmade. Damn straight it’s man made. Created by the men who traffic women and children across the US-Mexico border, the men who run the cartels, smuggle drugs killing us in cities left & right, the men who rape women… it certainly is manmade.

Adriana Cohen tweeted:

@SenWarren accuses @realDonaldTrump of manufacturing a crisis at the border despite facts on the ground.

Even Obama’s DHS Sec Jeh Johnson confirmed there’s a crisis..

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