BREAKING VIDEO: Vindman Testifies, Calls Trump’s Actions “Improper”

Moments ago, per Reuters, Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, the White House National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert, testified at the third public hearing in the impeachment effort before the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

Vindman, who along with other witnesses has been publicly criticized by Trump, also told lawmakers that “vile character attacks” against public servants testifying in the impeachment inquiry were “reprehensible,” urging Americans to be “better than callow and cowardly attacks.” Vindman, an Iraq war veteran, appeared at the hearing wearing his Army uniform and medals.

Tim Murtaugh tweeted:

This is the nut of the whole thing.

Vindman apparently believes that HE’S the one who makes & coordinates U.S. policy.

This may come as a shock to him and the Democrats, but the President of the United States makes U.S. policy.

Case closed.

Rep. Andy Biggs tweeted:

Consistent with the statements from Ukrainian leaders, Vindman testifies that he did not hear from any Ukrainians about pressure to enact investigations.

Nor did he discuss demands for investigations w/ officials at the Ukrainian Embassy in D.C.

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