BREAKING VIDEO: Nadler Nearly Faints at Event in NYC

Rep. Jerry Nadler appears to nearly pass out at a press event in New York City with 2020 hopeful Mayor Bill de Blasio.

CNBC reported that House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., appeared to nearly pass out Friday at a press event while sitting next to New York Mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Bill de Blasio.

Nadler, 71, appeared pallid and sick at the event in New York City promoting traffic safety measures. Video footage of the incident shows Nadler slumped in his seat, facing down at the table and having some difficulty responding to de Blasio, who had asked if he was okay. Nadler was immediately attended to by people in the room.

Nadler received fluids and is reportedly feeling better.

In a tweet after the event, Nadler said that he “felt a bit ill,” but was “glad to receive fluids and am feeling much better.”