BREAKING: Twitter Reacts as Trump Campaign Fires Back at Amash

On Wednesday, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale joined the growing group of conservatives denouncing Republican Rep. Justin Amash for his continued calls for the impeachment of the president, and his criticism of US Attorney General Bill Barr.

Parscale directly called out the self-styled libertarian Amash, who he called a “phony” while noting that the congressman hasn’t raised an issue of the highly questionable and likely illegal spying on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“He is just another Grandstanding Swamp Creature auditioning for the approval of the liberal media,” Parscale said of Amash, echoing similar assertions of Republicans who have reacted in outrage to their colleague’s repeated attacks on President Trump.

Recently, Amash has called for impeachment proceedings against President Trump citing the Mueller report, which ultimately found no criminal wrongdoing on Trump’s part, and has also attacked the credibility of US AG Barr.

Outraged conservatives agreed, and took to social media to demand Amash be “primaried” in the upcoming 2020 election.