BREAKING: Trump’s Handling of the Economy Approval Rises in Latest Poll

According to the results of a new poll, American voters strongly support President Trump’s economic policies, coming on the heels of the April jobs report showing the US economy is continuing to soar.

The poll, which was conducted by the Wall Street Journal and was released on Sunday, showed that Trump’s approval rating has continued to climb, prompting even Democrats to take notice.

With the election drawing nearer each day, Democrats seeking to challenge President Trump are finding it difficult to take on his handling of the economy, which will also serve as a major campaign platform for Trump as he fends off would-be opponents in 2020.

From The Daily Caller:

Voters are praising President Donald Trump’s handling of the economy as unemployment numbers hit their lowest point in nearly five decades, according to a Wall Street Journal poll published Sunday morning.

Trump’s overall approval rating ticked up slightly to 46 percent, the poll notes. It also show that the same percentage of voters who disapprove of the president (51 percent) support his handling of the economy by the same margin. That’s a marked difference from 2017, when 44 percent expressed support for Trump’s economic stewardship.

“It’s a really important group for the president,” Jeff Horwitt, a Democratic pollster with Hart Research, said about those who don’t approve of the president’s overall job performance but approve of his command of the economy. Horwitt conducted the poll with the help of Republican operative Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies.

Political independents appear to be the most heavily swayed group. There’s approximately a 10-point spread among independents who oppose Trump’s overall job performance but give him credit for a booming economy.

Only 38 percent of independents said they approve of the president while 48 percent said they approve of his handling of the economy. The numbers come amid as the economy continues growing.