BREAKING: Trump’s Approval Rating Reaches ALL TIME HIGH in Gallup Poll!

The results of a new Gallup poll, President Trump’s approval rating among American voters has continued to climb, nearing approximately 46 percent, putting him comparatively ahead of his predecessor, Barack Obama, at the same time in his presidency.

This also marks an all time high in Trump’s gallup poll rating.

At first, some members of the liberal media tried to chalk up Trump’s recent increased approval ratings to an earlier Rasmussen poll being “Republican leaning” but Gallup is most definitely not republican leaning as they pointed out in a snarky tweet.

According to Gallup, the Mueller report’s recent vindication of President Trump, as well as his “important economic improvements” have lead to the continued rise in his approval among US voters.

With the 2020 election drawing ever nearer, Trump and his campaign are looking to use his handling of the US economy to defend his position against Democrat challengers.

From TheHill

President Trump’s approval rating reached new heights in the second half of April, according to the Gallup poll, as nearly half of voters gave him positive marks.

Trump’s approval rating ticked up to 46 percent, up slightly from 45 percent in the first part of April and the highest mark to date for Trump in the Gallup poll.

It comes on the heels of strong economic numbers and the largely favorable outcome of the Russia investigation.

Trump remains overwhelmingly popular among Republicans, 91 percent of whom gave the president positive marks in the latest Gallup poll. That figure falls just short of the record high of 92 percent approval among GOP respondents, reached in a Gallup survey in November.

Among Democrats, 12 percent said they approve of Trump’s job performance, according to the poll. That figure matches the previous high among Democrats recorded in April 2017.

Trump’s approval among independents dipped slightly from 39 percent in the first half of April to 37 percent in the latest poll.