BREAKING: Trump Warns of “Long Jail Sentences” for #SpyGate Ringleaders

On Friday, President Trump took to Twitter to vehemently denounce the FBI and other intelligence agencies for what he said amounted to treasonous spying on his 2016 campaign, promising retribution.

“My campaign for President was conclusively spied on,” asserted Trump. “Nothing like this has ever happened in American politics,” while calling the scandal “A really bad situation.”

Clearly angry, the president continued, “TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!”

Additionally, Trump went on to cite a recent poll which indicated that an overwhelming number of Americans believe the FBI broke the law during their investigation.

Since his vindication following the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, President Trump and allies have increasingly demanded answers, and vowed to probe the origins of the “Russian collusion” allegations.