BREAKING: Trump Tops Biden in New Texas Poll

A new pre-July 4th University of Texas/Texas Politics Project poll finds Trump leading Biden by 4 in the state of Texas amidst dour views of the American economy and declining concern about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The poll has Trump leading the state 48-44 (+4)

A Fox News poll a few days earlier had Biden leading by 1.

Per the University of Texas:

Going into a grim July 4 weekend defined by a resurgent COVID-19 in Texas, a new University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll finds most Texans acutely aware of the hobbled economy and a country limping along on the wrong track.

Yet amidst this dark view of the trajectory of the country, Republican partisans continue to view President Trump with the same devotion given him prior to the eruption of the country’s multiple current crises, with Trump holding onto a 4-point lead in the presidential race with Joe Biden.

This post previews Texans’ views of the President and their assessments of the overall state of the country captured in the poll, which was conducted June 19-29. More results covering a range of topics including the coronavirus pandemic, race, policing, and assessment of the states elected leaders will be released after the holiday weekend. Links to all results and graphics published so far can be found on our latest poll page.

As the United States grapples with a worsening pandemic, a sputtering economy, a reckoning with persistent racial inequities, and signs of rampant institutional dysfunction, Texans show signs of becoming increasingly dour in their assessments of the country.

The current poll finds more evidence of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic downturn have exerted a powerful impact on Texans’ assessments of the macrolevel environment. Yet Texans’ views of Donald Trump remain largely unchanged from those held prior to the upheavals of 2020, a testament to the powerful effects he has on both his devotees and his detractors.

The presidential race in Texas

The University of Texas/Texas Politics Project poll of Texas voters finds President Donald Trump holding a four-point lead over former vice-president Joe Biden among registered voters. With just under five months to go before Election Day, 48 percent of those polled preferred Trump, with 44 percent choosing Biden.