BREAKING: Trump suspended from YouTube for at least a Week

Per Brian Fung – CNN:

NEW: YouTube has suspended President Trump’s channel for a week, and potentially longer, after it removed a video that the company says incited violence.

Earlier in the day, USA Today reported Jim Steyer, CEO and founder of Common Sense Media said “The #StopHateforProfit campaign is demanding YouTube take down Trump’s verified YouTube channel, which is giving Trump the opportunity to continue spreading false information that the U.S. election was stolen.”

He then warned “If YouTube does not agree with us and join the other platforms in banning Trump, we’re going to go to the advertisers next.”

YouTube now joins several other tech platforms that have permanently or temporarily banned Trump, including a permanent ban from social media site Twitter.

Earlier Tuesday “Borat” actor Sascha Baron Cohen tweeted:

NEW: Trump’s YouTube Channel has GAINED 30,000 subscribers this week.

Other companies are cutting ties with Trump. YouTube is profiting!

YouTube–the new Trump TV.

RT to tell @Google, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki…stop profiting off lies and violence!