BREAKING: Trump Suggests “Years in Jail” as Possible Consequence for Comey Being “Caught Red Handed”

Moments ago, President Trump reacted to James Comey admitting on Fox News Sunday he was wrong to not acknowledge 17 errors in the FISA application process.

So now Comey’s admitting he was wrong. Wow, but he’s only doing so because he got caught red handed. He was actually caught a long time ago. So what are the consequences for his unlawful conduct. Could it be years in jail? Where are the apologies to me and others, Jim?

Appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, former FBI Director James Comey was forced to explain after being told that the IG believes he should feel no vindication.

Comey eventually admits he was wrong and IG Horowitz was right on 17 errors in the FISA application process and tries to undermine the failures as “real sloppiness.”

Chris Wallace:

The IG says you should feel no vindication.

James Comey:

Well maybe it turns upon how we understand the word. What I mean is the FBI was accused of treason, of illegal spying, of tapping Mr. Trump’s wires illegally, of opening an investigation without justification, of being a criminally conspiracy to unseat …to defeat and unseat a President. All of that was nonsense. I think it’s really important the Inspector General looked at that and the American people, you’re viewers all viewers understand that’s true.

But he also found things that we were never accused of which is real sloppiness and that’s concerning as i’ve said all along has to be focused on if I we’re director i’d be very concerned about it and diving into it.

(Chris Wallace shows clips of what IG Horowitz said on what he found on the FISA process)

Chris Wallace:

17 significant errors in the FISA process and you say it was handled in a thoughtful and appropriate way.

James Comey:

Yeah, he’s right. I was wrong. I was overconfident as director in our procedures of the FBI and Justice have built over 20 years years. I thought they were robust enough. It’s incredibly hard to get a FISA. I was overconfident in those because he’s right, there was real sloppiness — 17 things that should have been in the application or at least discussed and characterized differently. It was not acceptable, so he’s right. I was wrong.

Chris Wallace:

But you make it sound like you’re a bystander and eyewitness, you were the director of the FBI while a lot of this was going on.

James Comey:

Sure, I’m responsible, That’s why i’m telling you, I was overconfident as director in our procedures, and it’s important that a leader be accountable and transparent. If I were so director, I’d be saying exactly the same thing that Chris Wray is saying, that we are going to get to the bottom of this because the most important question is, is it systemic? Are the problems in other cases?


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