BREAKING: Trump set to hold three rallies

According to new reports, former President Trump is set to hold 3 rallies this summer.

Two are set for June and one in July amid Biden taking heat for the surge in migrants at the border.

An advisor told the DailyMail “‘The president is anxious to get back out on the trail and we are getting a lot of offers and invitations from both candidates and political causes in different areas.”

Trump has regularly teased the possibility of a 2024 run. His aides have reportedly said he is unlikely to make a formal decision until after next year’s mid-term elections.

Speaking with Candace Owens, Trump teased his decision on a 2024 comeback bid for President, saying supporters will be “very happy.”

“The answer is I’m absolutely enthused,” Trump told Owens. “I look forward to doing an announcement at the right time.”

“As you know, it’s very early. But I think people are going to be very, very happy when I make a certain announcement,” he continued.

“You know for campaign finance reasons, you really can’t do it too early because it becomes a whole different thing,” Trump added.

Per The Hill, “formally declaring his candidacy would open Trump up to required financial disclosure forms and election laws that would dictate how he can raise and spend money in the meantime.”

Trump said “otherwise I think I’d give you an answer that you’d be very happy with. So we’re looking at that very, very seriously.”

“All I’d say is: stay tuned,” he added.