BREAKING: Trump Responds to NY AG Suing to Dissolve the NRA

Moments ago President Trump responded to NY AG Letitia James suing to dissolve the NRA.

Trump said “I just heard about that. That’s a very terrible thing that just happened,” he continued “I think the NRA should move to Texas and lead a very good and beautiful life. And I’ve told them that for a long time.”


Thursday morning NY AG Letitia James announced:

#BREAKING: I filed a lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association for years of self-dealing and illegal conduct.

The @NRA is fraught with fraud and abuse. No organization is above the law.

We are seeking to dissolve the NRA for years of self-dealing and illegal conduct that violate New York’s charities laws and undermine its own mission. The NRA diverted millions of dollars away from its charitable mission for personal use by senior leadership.

Our lawsuit charges the NRA as a whole and four senior leaders, including Wayne LaPierre, with failing to manage the NRA’s funds and failing to follow numerous state and federal laws. These actions contributed to the loss of more than $64 million in just three years for the NRA.

The four defendants failed to fulfill their fiduciary duty to the NRA and used millions upon millions from NRA reserves for personal use, including:

  • trips for them and their families to the Bahamas & safaris in Africa
  • private jets
  • expensive meals
  • and other private travel

They and board members at the NRA abused their power & illegally diverted or facilitated the diversion of tens of millions of dollars from the NRA.

The NRA has failed to carry out its stated mission for many years, and instead, operated as a breeding ground for greed and abuse.

In New York, we have a set of laws that every individual and entity must be held accountable to, regardless of its size, influence, power, or wealth.

No one is above the law, not even the NRA, one of the most powerful organizations in this country.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton responded to the news with an invitation:

The @NRA has been instrumental in defending our Second Amendment rights and we would welcome them with open arms to relocate to Texas!