BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Joe Biden a New Nickname!

On Saturday, President Trump took to social media to discuss recent developments with North Korea, however, in the process, he bestowed a new nickname upon 2020 rival Joe Biden, who he dubbed “Swampman Joe Bidan” with a (possibly) intentional misspelling.

Noting his continued confidence in North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Trump explained that he “smiled when [Kim] called Swampman Joe Bidan a low IQ individual [and] worse.”

“Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?” speculated Trump.

While President Trump is known for his raucous style of tweeting, which has garnered praise from allies and enemies alike, his recent “Swampman Joe” tweet appeared destined for Trump’s “select” group of tweets which have become enshrined in legend.

Social media commenters from all backgrounds replied, praising Trump for his knack of giving long-lasting nicknames.